Selected Reviews
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Providing venues for grassroots, independent producers and videographers is central to the Deep Dish TV mission. The series and programs that we distribute via satellite and cable TV stations and on the Internet are collaged from the work of media makers from all over the world. We invite you to participate in our current series by contributing your short video or footage to one or more of the programs. The terms and how to submit videos are explained on each of our current project pages. We invite you to join our network of hundreds of videographers, producers and artists.

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Deep Dish TV is dedicated to creating and distributing timely, informative and provocative programs made by grassroots, independent videographers, producers and artists. We have built coalitions of producers, activists and viewers to address the war in Iraq, the prison industrial complex, racism and many other key issues that impact our lives. We are dependent on individual donations to continue this unique production and distribution work. Please donate as generously as you can.