Staff and Producers
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Acting Director
Rebecca Centeno

Laurie and Shabnam

Project Co-ordinator Emeritus
Brian Drolet

Brian Drolet & DeeDee Halleck

Deep Dish TV Board of Directors
Mario Murillo
Edgardo Burgos
Nina Felshin
Betty Yu
Mike Wimberley
David Gimbel

Producers of Current Series
Nothing Is Safe: Israel's 2006 War on Lebanon
Producer: Suzy Salamy

Waves of Change
DeeDee Halleck
Victoria Maldonado

Over the 22 years of Deep Dish TV's grassroots media production and distribution, we have been funded by many wonderful people and organizations. These include:
* Massachusetts Council on the Arts and Humanities,
* The John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation,
* The Rockefeller Foundation,
* New York State Council on the Arts,
* North Shore Unitarian Universalist Society Veatch Program,
* The National Endowment on the Arts,
* Ed Herman,
* The Nathan Cummings Foundation,
* The Angelina Fund,
* The Funding Exchange,
* The Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts,
* The Peace Development Fund,
* The Arts Forward Fund,
* The Public Welfare Fund,
* The Lippincott Foundation,
* Monica Melamid,
* The Threshold Foundation,
* Edward Herman,
* The Instructional Telecommunications Foundation,
* William Lloyd,
* The Maverick Film Fund,
* Corliss and Beth Lamont,
* Harriet Barlow,
* A.J. Muste Foundation,
* The Samuel Rubin Foundation,
* The New World Foundation,
* The Harburg Foundation,
* The Benton Foundation,
* Bread and Roses Community Fund,
* The Paul Robeson Foundation,
* The Haymarket Fund,
* The Ramapo Foundation,
* The Pennsylvania Arts Council,
* The Boston Women's Fund,
* The Boston Arts Lottery,
* Ping Ferry and Carol Bernstein,
* Margaret Brenman Gibson,
* Abby Rockefeller and Lee Halprin,
* David Haas,
* John Schwartz,
* Frederick William Drosten,
* Betsy Rivard,
* George Stoney,
* Tom Weinberg,
* The National Community Fund,
* The Society for Ethical Studies,
* North Star Fund,
* Caipirinha Foundation
* Cloud Mountain Foundation
* Tides Foundation

...and the unpaid and/or underpaid efforts of countless producers, organizers, friends and relations.

Send Video

Providing venues for grassroots, independent producers and videographers is central to the Deep Dish TV mission. The series and programs that we distribute via satellite and cable TV stations and on the Internet are collaged from the work of media makers from all over the world. We invite you to participate in our current series by contributing your short video or footage to one or more of the programs. The terms and how to submit videos are explained on each of our current project pages. We invite you to join our network of hundreds of videographers, producers and artists.

Donate Now

Deep Dish TV is dedicated to creating and distributing timely, informative and provocative programs made by grassroots, independent videographers, producers and artists. We have built coalitions of producers, activists and viewers to address the war in Iraq, the prison industrial complex, racism and many other key issues that impact our lives. We are dependent on individual donations to continue this unique production and distribution work. Please donate as generously as you can.