"We are the criminals in the war. We have committed more war crimes almost than any nation in the world." - Martin Luther King

02/16/2015 Mlk

"I always try to do a little converting when I'm in jail. And when we were in jail in Birmingham the other day, the white wardens all enjoyed coming around the cell to talk about the race problem. And they were showing us where we were so wrong demonstrating. And they were showing us where segregation was so right. And they were showing us where intermarriage was so wrong. So I would get to preaching, and we would get to talking-calmly, because they wanted to talk about it. And then we got down one day to the point - that was the second or third day - to talk about where they lived, and how much they were earning. I said now, "you know what? You ought to be marching with us, you're just as poor as Negroes." And I said, "You are put in the position of supporting your oppressor. Because through prejudice and blindness, you fail to see that the same forces that oppress Negroes in American society oppress poor white people. And all you are living is the satisfaction of your skin being white, and the drum major instinct of thinking that you are somebody big because you are white and you're so poor you can't send your children to school. You ought to be out here marching with everyone of us every time we have a march."

Now that's a fact. That the poor white has been put into this position - where through blindness and prejudice, he is forced to support his oppressors, and the only thing he has going for him is the false feeling that he is superior because his skin is white. And can't hardly eat and make ends meet week in and week out.

And not only does this thing go into the racial struggle, it goes into the struggle between nations. And I submit to you this morning that what is wrong in the world today is the nations of the world are engaged in a bitter colossal contest for supremacy. And if something doesn't happen to stop this trend I'm surely afraid that we won't be here to talk about Jesus Christ and about God and about brotherhood too many more years. If somebody doesn't bring an end to this suicidal thrust that we see in the world today, none of us are going to be round because somebody's going to make the mistake through our senseless blundering of dropping a nuclear bomb somewhere, and then another one is going to drop. And don't set anybody fool you, this can happen within a matter of seconds. They have twenty-megaton bombs in Russia right now that can destroy a city as big as New York in three seconds with everybody wiped away and every building. And we can do the same thing to Russia and China.

but this is where we are drifting, and we are drifting there because nations are caught up with the drum major instinct. I must be first. I must be supreme. OUr nation must rule the world. And I am sad to say that the nation in which we live is the supreme culprit. And I'm going to continue to say it to America, because I love this country to much to see the drift that it has taken.

God didn't call America to do what she's doing in the world now. God didn't call America to engage in a senseless, unjust war (such) as the war in Vietnam. And we are criminals in the war. We have committed more war crimes almost than any nation in the world, and I'm going to continue to say it. And we won't stop it because of our pride and arrogance as a nation."

Two months later King was silenced by an assassin's bullet.

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