U.S & ISIS - Destroying Iraq's Cultural Heritage

03/19/2015 Erasing_new_image

The U.S. soldiers and Iraqi thieves who pillaged and destroyed the ancient treasures of Iraq, the common heritage of humanity, presumably did so for personal gain, not religious fanaticism. But the objective results are the same. In 2004 Deep Dish TV produced a 12 part series on the U.S. invasion and occupation of Iraq, an act of war that ultimately birthed the so-called Islamic State. This Video, Erasing Memory - The Cultural Destruction of Iraq is part of that series, Shocking and Awful.

Erasing Memory - The Cultural Destruction of Iraq from Deep Dish TV on Vimeo.

Below - Middle East Media Research Institute translated video (presumably ISIS home movie) of destruction of Mosul Museum, with english translation of Islamic State narrator justifying the destruction.
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