White Terrorism and Another Black Church Slaughter

06/18/2015 Charleston_j

Facebook post by Phyllis Bennis:
The killings in South Carolina were not a "hate crime" -- they were an act of terrorism. The State Dept's definition of terrorism is "premeditated, politically motivated violence perpetrated against non-combatant targets."
That sounds like a pretty accurate description of the premeditated murder of churchfolk at prayer -- an act motivated by politically articulated anti-Black racism.
The sandy-haired white guy is not just a hater, but a terrorist.
US and other government officials are likely to respond to those who call it terrorism with a careful non-denial denial that starts with ""we don't have enough information yet."
And we have to remember that the operative assumption, most of the time, is that white guy Christian violence = mental illness unless proven otherwise; Arab or Muslim violence is immediately defined as terrorism, period.
That's part of how the legacies of slavery and racism and Islamophobia in this country fuel US wars abroad, and it's part of how US wars come home

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