When_i_walk-j 08/08/2014 When I Walk - Film by Jason DaSilva
DDTV Producer screens his film about his life with multiple sclerosis at Revolution Books on monday August 11th, 7 pm
Rally_palestine 08/04/2014 Opposition to slaughter of people of Gaza
Over 1000 in NYC demand end to Israels war on Gaza
Calle_13_j 08/01/2014 New Palestine Hip Hop Video
Puerto Rican band Calle 13's new Multi-Viral Music Video, filmed in Palestine featuring Tom Morello.
Screen_shot_2014-07-30_at_3.38.37_pm 07/30/2014 Off course we are calling it an apartheid state
Don Martin ft Immortal Technique (US), Eltipo Este (Cuba), Tumi (South Africa), Tonto Noiza (France) and producer Tommy Tee drop rap in support of Boycott on Israel.
Palestina1288_edited 07/29/2014 NYC to Gaza Funeral Action Photos
A funeral procession of New Yorkers carrying effigies led a march along 42nd Street from Bryant Square to the Israeli Consulate to mourn the 246 Gaza inhabitants, 56 of them children, killed since July 8 as a result of Israel's latest military offensive.
Jewssayno1402 07/28/2014 National Day of Action for Gaza
New Yorkers do not, repeat NOT support the massacre of 815 Palestinians, mostly civilians, including 200 children whose names were read out at the rally and repeated by the protesters.
Gaza_protest 07/21/2014 NYC Gaza Funeral
Hundreds of individuals mobilized in New York City to express their repudiation of the present Israeli assault on the Gaza Strip.
London_gaza_demo_jpg 07/21/2014 15,000 demonstrate at Israel Embassy in London
Call for end of Israel's war on Gaza
Amaerican_jew_in_israel_jpg 07/20/2014 What happened to young American Jew traveling in Israel
Brutally silenced by Israeli police.
Screen_shot_2014-07-16_at_2.19.34_pm 07/19/2014 Life In Gaza Explained
Life in Gaza Explained, the "largest open air prison in the world".
Screen_shot_2014-07-07_at_1.57.02_pm 07/14/2014 Freedom Summer
The 1964 Freedom Summer, when more than 700 student volunteers from around the country joined organizers and local African Americans in a historic effort to shatter the foundations of white supremacy in Mississippi - then one of the nation’s most viciously racist, segregated states.
Mayeli 07/14/2014 Inside The Immigration Icebox
The "Icebox" experience of 12 year old Mayeli Hernández, a 12 year old immigrant from Honduras
Black_crime 07/14/2014 The Real Crime: Mass Criminalization of our Communities
This Black Alliance video examines the real crime in America, which has been the unfair persecution and incarceration of people of color
Nat._amer 07/13/2014 These Native American Filmmakers Are Telling Their People's Stories—Their Way
“Our stories define us. Indigenous people have the right to share their own experiences through their own lens.”
Screen_shot_2014-07-09_at_4.03.01_pm 07/10/2014 From the Archive: "There is a Check Point Around this Center! Check this"
During the current vindictive escalation of Israeli's military campaign against Palestine, let's not forget that two years ago, at the height of the Occupy movement, in the heart of the Greenwich Village LGBT community, the Center's board of directors banned organizing meetings in support of Palestinian queers, and imposed a moratorium on any discussion of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict at the Center.
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