Poster_obama_deportations_1-web 04/15/2014 Yes He Can, And Will, Deport You
With nearly two million removals in the last five years, the Obama administration is deporting people at a faster pace than has taken place under any other president.
Shocking_and_awful 04/09/2014 Aftermath of Iraq War - Still Shocking and Awful
We had to destroy the country in order to save it.
Marge_piercy_j 04/08/2014 Novelist Marge Piercy On Her Abortion
Marge Piercy speaks frankly about nearly dying from an illegal abortion at age 18 and why this right is so essential. "There was a time when falling in love could kill you. There was a time when getting pregnant could ruin your life."
Right_to_heal_j 04/07/2014 The Right To Heal Conference - Video Stream
The Right To Heal hearings in Washington DC March 26, 2014 brought incontrovertible evidence from Iraqis and U.S. vets of the environmental and health destruction brought to Iraq by the U.s. Sponsored by Iraq Veterans Against the War, Center for Constitutional Rights and MAG-net. Watch the full 2 hours of testimony in Washington DC. Hosted by Phil Donahue.
Huerta_and_women-thumb-640xauto-10461 03/31/2014 The Neglected Heroines of “Cesar Chávez”
March 31 would have been the late Mexican American labor leader Cesar Chávez’s 87th birthday, and over the weekend the biopic “Cesar Chávez: An American Hero” premiered nationwide. What the film does not indulge in, but should, are the stories of the women beside the man. In a myriad of ways, it was women who built the farmworker movement around Chávez, sustained it, and continue to lead its modern incarnation today.
Mekorot_new_story 03/29/2014 Mekorot - Apartheid In A Pipe
Mekorot, Israel's national water company makes sure you have all the water you need. If you are of the correct ethnic-religious category.
Maysles_logo 03/24/2014 Where Should The Birds Fly - April 5th Screening at Maysles Cinema NYC
Co-sponsored by Columbia University's Center for Palestine Studies and the Maysles Institute. 343 Malcolm X Blvd (betw 127 and 128)
Abdeen_jabara 03/23/2014 Islamaphobia: Empire & U.S. Politiics
Abdeen Jabara, former President of the Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee moderates a Jewish Voices for Peace Panel with Deepa Kumar, Madiha Tahir, Elly Bulkin and Kazi Fouzia
Php_posterj 03/23/2014 Arizona Citizens Monitor Border Patrol Checkpoint
Residents of Arivaca, small town 25 miles from US Mexico Border intervene in the militarization of their area
Madrid_march_22nd 03/23/2014 Mass Protest in Madrid Against Austerity
Sunday March 23, 2014 - Madrid - Clashes broke out as hundreds of thousands converged in the Spanish capital for a “March of Dignity” against austerity and the right-wing government.
Bosnia_report_brandon_j 03/23/2014 Uprising in Bosnia 2014
The uprising in Bosnia and Herzegovina that started in early February 2014. Protests by workers from five privatized factories that were bankrupted and stripped of assets. Video report by <a href="">Brandon Jourdan -Global Uprisings</a>
Pegteseeger 01/29/2014 Pete Seeger 1919-2014: "I Never Died Said He"
Joe Hill was a radical union organizer, song writer, rabble rouser, visionary and life-long passionate defender of the rights of working people. He was put to death by the American government in 1915, four years before Pete Seeger was born ...
Default 01/18/2014 Ted Wafer Finally Charged Over Renisha McBride Shooting
Nearly 2 weeks after the shooting of 19-year old African American woman, Renisha McBride, Theodore P. Wafer, a 54-year-old white man from Dearborn Heights, MI finally faces charges.
Default 01/14/2014 America is still a deeply racist country
Gone is the overt, violent, and legal racism of my childhood in the 1960s. It's been replaced by a subtler, still ugly version
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