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Where Should The Birds Fly is the first film about Gaza made by Palestinians living the reality of Israel’s siege and blockade of this tiny enclave. It is the story of two young women, survivors of Israel’s Operation Cast Lead. Mona Samouni, now 12 years old and the filmmaker, Fida Qishta, now 27, represent the spirit and future of Palestinians. The film is a visual documentation of the Goldstone Report. But it is so much more. It reveals the strength and hope, the humanity and humor that flourishes among the people of Gaza. Few films document so powerfully and personally the impact of modern warfare and sanctions on a civilian population.

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The project is the only documentary of the Israeli invasion of Gaza and life under the occupation made by Palestinian filmmakers from Gaza. Much of the story of the December 2008 attack and life under continual Israeli siege is told through the eyes of a young girl, 10 year old Mona Samouni.

Fida Qishta, who has lived in Gaza her entire life, brings a unique and compassionate perspective to the story. She has documented the horrific Israeli invasion and bombardment of Gaza in December 2008 and January 2009. Working with her crew of Palestinian filmmakers, they have kept the cameras rolling for months, recording the struggle of the people of Gaza to retrieve some sense of normalcy from the absolute abnormality of life in the world’s largest prison camp, sealed off on all sides by Israeli and Egyptian walls, barbed wire and

This story reveals the resilience of the human spirit, as the farmers, fishermen, merchants, school
children, teachers and medical workers find ways to snatch a semblance of normality from this insanity.
But what happens when the abnormal becomes normal? What happens when children grow up among
the rubble of their homes and cities, when they face the future as orphans colored by the memory of their parents violent deaths? For the million and a half Palestinians trapped in Gaza, ducks in a shooting
gallery for Israeli tanks, planes and artillery, where is the hope?

“Perhaps talking to the camera kindles hope. Maybe someone will hear. Maybe Americans will listen to
our stories, know who we are. Maybe they can help us understand why this is happening and what we
can do now.”

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