Series by Title
  • Barsamian

    Alternative Radio - David Barsamian (2014)

    A collection of interviews by David Barsamian of <a href="">Alternative Radio</a> with leading thinks and activists on topics ranging from democracy to Kashmir, highlighting discussions about South Asia.

    Producers: David Barsamian
  • America-behind-bars2

    America Behind Bars (1999)

    A five part series, produced between 1996 and 2001 examining ...

  • Default

    America's Surveillance State (2015)

    Mass Surveillance is the focus of Danny Schechter's 6 part investigative documentary series examining who is watching whom and why.<br><br>

  • Bars___stripes

    Bars And Stripes (1997)

    Doing Time in the Prison Complex. 12 hours of video and film from inside America's prison industry.

  • Behind_censorship

    Behind Censorship: The Assault on Civil Liberties (1993)

    Made in 1991, this 9 part series tackles questions ever more relevant today. As corporations move more effectively to control all the channels of public communication, as "national security" is ramped up to spy on the lives of entire populations, the mythologies of a liberating Internet as a tool of progressive social transformation are challenged.

  • Browning_of_america

    Beyond the Browning of America (1992)

    A series of three one hour programs documenting the impact and struggles of Latinos in the United States.

  • Blacklives

    Black Lives Matter (2014)

    Video from Days of Rage in New York City and Other Cities following the exoneration of the cop in Ferguson Missouri who murdered Mike Brown and the cop in New York city who murdered Eric Garner.

  • Breaking_the_bank

    Breaking the Bank (2008)


  • Celebrating_public_access

    Celebrating 20 Years of Public Access TV (1991)

    A quick tour of Public Access Productions around the U.S.

  • Chroniclesofrefugee

    Chronicles of a Refugee (2008)

    Chronicles Of A Refugee is a 6-part documentary series that looks at the Palestinian refugee experience over the last 60 years in its global context.

  • Bushcrimescommission

    Crimes Against Humanity: The Bush Record (2006)

    The International Commission On The Crimes Against Humanity By the Bush Administration was held in two sessions in New York City October 21-23 2005 and January 20-22 2006. The Bush Administration was found guilty on five indictments: 1. Wars of Aggression 2. Torture and Illegal Detention 3. Destruction of Global Environment (Global Warming) 4. Destruction of International Public Health (HIV) 5. Criminal Response to the Katrina Disaster

  • Impact_festival

    Culture Project Impact Festival 2012 (2012)

    From July 14 through August 26, Culture Project's main stage was "offered to artists, activists, musicians, directors, economists, provocateurs, filmmakers, patriots and visionaries."

  • Ddtvsatellite1

    Deep Dish Cooks Up a Second Series (1988)

    ndependent producers and Public Access stations were so excited by the first Deep Dish TV series that a meeting was held in New York to create the Deep Dish TV Satellite Network and to plan a second series. This series, launched in 1988 consisted of 13 one-hour and 4 half hour programs.

  • Dem.im_comm

    Democracy In Communication (1993)

    A video festival of work made by Latin American and U.S. Latino independent producers.

  • Diva

    Diva Tv (1991)

    Selections from activists collections ACT UP! and WHAM.

  • Diy_ser.

    DIY Media: Movement Perspectives on Critical Moments (2009)

    This series is dedicated to the memory of author, historian, activist, and colleague, Howard Zinn, whose intellectual honesty and political courage inspired generations of Americans to look more critically at the history they are taught. Ten percent of all proceeds from the sale of this series will be donated to Voices of a People's History, a non-profit co-founded by Dr. Zinn to promote the under-represented voices of social and political activists in U.S. History.

  • Death_row_notebook

    Emergency Programming: Mumia Abu Jamal (1995)

    Deep Dish TV's series of programs to draw attention to the rapidly rising list of Death Row executions in the United States.

  • Fearless_tv_90's

    Fearless TV for the 90s (1990)

    This series looks at issues that are too hot for the mass media. Like the stones of David's sling, these programs are aimed at the many Goliaths that stomp across the land.

  • Gaza_freedom_march_report

    Gaza Freedom March Report NYC (2010)

    People from New York joined the Gaza Freedom March, landing in Cairo, Egypt on December 27th and planning to enter Gaza through the Rafah gate from Egypt.

  • Globaluprisingslogo2

    Global Uprisings (2012)

    Global Uprisings is an independent news site and video series dedicated to showing responses to the economic crisis from around the world.

  • Green_label

    Green Screen (1990)

    This six-hour series looks at the environmental crisis and the diverse environmental movement confronting it

  • Ideas_power

    Ideas and Power (1993)

    Conceived as a response to Octavio Paz and the PRI consensus, these two 28 minute programs take a divergent view of the Mexican reality, which a few years later becomes manifest in the Zapatista movement.

  • Cooperation_jackson_j

    Jackson Rising (2014)

    Jackson Mississippi Conference explores cooperative economic alternatives for self-sustaining, community controlled institutions.

  • La_freewaves

    L.A. Freewaves: Experimental Video from Southern California (1993)

    Short videos from various youth centered media programs address youth identity, the media, and racism.

  • Lf2015logo

    Left Forum 2015 (2035)

    No Justice, No Peace - Confronting the Crisis of Capitalism and Democracy

  • Default

    Many Yeses, One No (2009)

  • Fallujah

    Middle East Collection (2011)

    A collaborative series that became the only voice of media dissent against the Gulf War

  • News_u_can_use_1

    News You Can Use I (1990)

    Personal stories from sources you rarely see on mainstream television.

  • Default

    News You Can Use II (1993)

  • Screen_shot_2014-10-08_at_3.02.05_pm

    News You Can Use III (1994)

    More "News You Can Use", featuring stories from impoverished Mayans, Columbian natives, and information on the growth of computerized communivation.

  • None

    None (2008)

    Series of Conversations and Programs

  • Noth.._is_safe

    Nothing is Safe (2008)

    This series is based largely on interviews with ordinary Lebanese citizens, heart-wrenching stories of loss and determination against a backdrop of unimaginable destruction

  • Occupy_wall_st.

    Occupy Wall Street! (2011)

    On September 17, several dozen people, mostly young, broke through the suffocating confines of electoral politics and one-off demonstrations to electrify protest against the ugly inequity of wealth and power that has become so flagrantly insulting and disgusting Deep Dish TV has been on the scene, collaborating with Laura Flanders of Grit TV, Free Speech TV and the Occupy Wall Street Media Team. This "series" will continue to bring together as much video as we can, and link to the key websites for more info.

  • Transform_israel

    Palestine/Israel: A Real Solution to the Conflict (2008)

    Programs explore the history of the creation of the State of Israel on the land of Palestine and examine the logic and practicality of transforming Palestine/Israel into a Single State with equal rights for all its people.

  • Peoples'climatemarch_j

    Peoples' Climate March (2014)

    At the September 21st New York City Peoples' Climate March 100s of thousands of people gathered for environmental justice, a mass outpouring to demand world leaders act against climate change. Deep Dish TV profiled a diverse group of organizations preparing for the March and discussing the devastating impact climate change is already having.

  • Polit.._convo

    Political Conventions 2000 (2000)

    Independent Media Center's Crashing the Party Juan Gonzalez and Amy Goodman's Democracy Now.

  • Default

    Public Access: Spigot For Bigots Or Channels For Change? (1991)

  • Rain_on_parade

    Raining on the Parade (2008)

    Hosted by Laura Flanders.

  • Reing__the_net

    Re-igniting the Network (2010)

    A Deep Dish TV conference: "Re-igniting the Network: Video and New Technology in the Service of Social Movements."

  • Report_form_gaza

    Report from Gaza - 2009 (2009)

    People gathered at the Brecht Forum in New York City to hear members of the Code Pink June delegation to Gaza report on what they had seen and heard.

  • Pap_tig_tv

    ROAR - Paper Tiger - A Mini Retrospective (1990)

    This series looks back at some of the program highlights in celebration of an anniversary installation at the Wexner Center in Columbus, Ohio.

  • Rock_the_boat

    Rock the Boat (1992)

    Deep Dish series presents an alternative view of the encounter of the arrival of Europeans in the "New" World produced by indigenous, African American and Latino video and filmmakers.

  • Shocking_and_awful

    Shocking and Awful - A Grassroots Response to War and Occupation (2005)

    In response to the attempt to "shock and awe" Iraq into submission, Deep Dish TV put out a call to artists, filmmakers and editors to create this powerful series of 12 half-hour programs. Certainly the most thorough and insightful story of the U.S. invasion and occupation.

  • Default

    Showdown in Seattle (1999)

  • Sick_n_tired

    Sick and Tired of Being Sick and Tired (1994)

    This series brings you a grassroots perspective on health care from across the nation. You've heard from the policy makers, the insurance agents and the drug manufacturers. Now it's time to hear from the people.

  • Screen_shot_2014-10-08_at_2.59.23_pm

    Siempre Trabajando: Latinos and Labor (1992)

    This series, curated by Cynthia Lopez and Dee Dee Halleck, in collaboration with the Center for Puerto Rican Studies, looks at issues of work in the Latino community in the United States.

  • S.a_video_collec

    South Asia Video Collection (2011)

    In 1975, Indonesia invaded East Timor, using arms supplied by the United States. Nearly one-third of the Timorese population has since died. This activist document offers eyewitness accounts and analysis of how to end the occupation.

  • Default

    Spigot For Bigots Or Channels For Change? (1990)

  • Default

    Stop Israel’s Ongoing War Crimes Against the People of Gaza (2014)


  • Screen_shot_2014-10-08_at_3.05.34_pm

    The Gulf Crisis TV Project (1990)

    This series of 10 one hour programs incorporated footage from hundreds of producers in the U.S. and abroad in a media campaign that collaborated with peace activists and war resisters.

  • Anti-communism

    The History and Consequences of Anti-Communism: A Historic Conference: Harvard University, 1988 (2013)

    The History and Consequences of Anti-Communism documents an historic conference in 1988 at Harvard Univeristy, just before the fall of the Berlin Wall. The series includes presentations organized by the Institute for Media Analysis. Recorded by volunteers from Deep Dish TV. Please help us continue the restoration process of the over 87 videos from the conference. Click the "Read More" button below to donate by credit card or PayPal. or mail a check to Deep Dish TV 339 Lafayette St. NY NY 10012 with "Ends & Means Project" in the memo line.

    Producers: DeeDee Halleck
  • Write_uncen

    The Lannan Foundation Presents Writers Uncensored (1991)

    Ten half-hour shows in which some of the greatest writers of our time, including two Nobel Laureates, challenge the assumptions of traditional realities.

  • Last_evang

    The Last Televangelist (2008)

    The Last Televangelist: Reverend Billy and the Church of Stop Shopping

  • The_left_forum

    The Left Forum 2012 - Confronting Global Capitalism (2008)

    Deep Dish TV in collaboration with Free Speech TV filmed and provided a live stream of the main presentations for Internet and TV broadcast on Free Speech TV.

  • Lefforum2014

    The Left Forum 2014 - Reform and / or Revolution: Imagining a World with Transformative Justice (2014)

    Over 4,000 people gathered in New York City's John Jay College May 30-June 1, 2014 to participate in hundreds of panels, 4 major plenary sessions and thousands of individual discussions to analyze and discuss the nature of the economic and social crisis, the limits of reform movements and the shape of possible revolutionary transformation.

    Producers: Brian Drolet and Brenda Salas Neves
  • Screen_shot_2014-10-08_at_3.07.37_pm

    The Opening Series (1986)

    A unique treasure of grassroots community media. In 1985-86 Paper Tiger Television Collective, a New York based public access producers' group known for their imaginative and low-tech media critiques, in conjunction with the Boston Film and Video Foundation, produced the pilot series of Deep Dish TV Each program comprises segments by community TV producers around the country. The series was offered free of charge to access stations that wanted to record it off the satellite. The Paper Tiger collective formed ten production teams including some people who were new- comers to access production. Over 186 stations down-linked the first series. There are 10 one-hour programs in the series.

  • Rtop_2014

    The Russell Tribunal On Palestine - Emergency Session Sept 24-25 2014 (2014)

    Video of testimony of the Special Session of the Russell Tribunal on Palestine, held in Brussels Belgium on Spetember 24 and 25, 2014. The Russell Tribunal had held four international sessions in 2012 in Madrid, London, South Africa, New York and Brussels. This special session was called in response to Israel's massive attack on Gaza in summer 2014. The RToP was established in response to a call by Ken Coates (Chairperson of the Bertrand Russell Peace Foundation), Nurit Peled (Israeli, Sakharov Prize for Freedom of Speech 2001) and Leila Shahid (General Delegate of Palestine to the European Union). Responsibility for organizing the Russell Tribunal on Palestine lies with the International Organizing Committee (IOC), whose members are: Ken Coates, Pierre Galand, Stéphane Hessel, Marcel-Francis Kahn, Robert Kissous, François Maspero, Paulette Pierson-Mathy, Bernard Ravenel and Brahim Senouci.

  • Russell

    The Russell Tribunal on Palestine - New York Session (2012)

    On October 5th and 6th, 2012 the Russell Tribunal on Palestine held its 4th session in New York City in the Great Hall of Cooper Union. Previous sessions were held in London, Barcelona and Cape Town. The New York session focused on the complicity of the United States and the United Nations in Israel's occupation and oppression of Palestine and its people.

  • Default

    The Squaring Off Archive (2006)

    to be added

  • Irg

    The World Tribunal on Iraq (2005)

    Deep Dish covers the world tribunal in Istanbul.

  • Wld_trib

    The World Tribunal on Iraq - Complete Speeches (2006)

    Deep Dish makes available 16 complete speeches by world renowned human rights activists, environmental experts, Iraq war veterans and eyewitnesses and scholars.

  • Haitit

    Unheard Voices - Spring 1992 (1992)

    The videos in this series embody the central mission of independent media to give voice to the voiceless.

  • Covering_politic

    Unofficial Coverage of the 1996 Political Conventions (1996)

    The Los Angeles Alternative Media Network goes to the Republican Convention. Protestors from the perimeters, delegates and candidates, arguments, comedy, art, rants and raves including Bikers for Newt, border crossers and surfers for clean water.

  • Uprooted

    Uprooted (2010)

    A Collection of Videos Examining the Politics of Migration

  • Womens_int_day

    Visions of Ourselves (1993)

    Women from across the United States and around the world celebrate International Women's Day through video. The global changes that are taking place as we near the century's end are profoundly affecting women's lives and lifestyles everywhere.

  • Waves_of_change

    Waves of Change (2008)


  • Black_guy

    What It Means To Say New Orleans (2008)

    In the wake of Hurricane Katrina in August 2005, the levees broke, flooding much of New Orleans, killing over 1800 people and forcing tens of thousands, mostly African Americans, into exile, scattered in cities across the U.S. Most were never able to return as rents and housing prices soared, public housing was demolished, schools and hospitals were privatized. New Orleans after Katrina has become a template for urban removal dynamics unfolding in most maajor urban areas of the U.S. Added to the displacement, the demolition of public housing, health and education facilities is the militarization of police and incarceration of the poor.

  • Default

    ...will be televised: Video Documents From Asia (1990)

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